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Analytics on Cloud

Uncover insights hidden in your data and drive growth throughout your organization

Part of what makes an organization successful is the speed at which it can react to the ever-changing demands of the market. Businesses today cannot afford to wait or wade through disparate data sources to try to figure out how actions and decisions are impacting performance. To remain competitive, they need to be able to view data and trends immediately, and gain actional insights.

Whether a data novice or expert, Cognos Analytics can make anyone a data guru, while providing unsurpassed security and governance at virtually every level.

Key Capabilities

  • AI powered assistance

  • Visual exploration tools to discover hidden patterns in data

  • Side-by-side comparisons of data under different scenarios

  • Beautiful, interactive dashboards and compelling reports in a single tool

  • Ability to capture, annotate and share visuals over email or Slack

  • Combine charts into stories with overlays, voice-overs and interactive elements

  • Data import from spreadsheets, CSV files, cloud or on-premise databases

  • Machine learning to automatically discover and combine related data sources into a single, trusted data module

  • Multi-tenant – fully digital; single user


Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence and analytics solution that makes it easy to visualize, analyze and share insights about your business. It provides a personal analytics experience with sophisticated data exploration capabilities, dashboarding and storytelling, professional report authoring, and automated data preparation. Cognos Analytics is delivered on a single integrated and highly secure platform.

  • Enable business users to explore and work with all types of data for better decision making.

  • Prepare, cleanse, and combine all data sources in minutes with AI assistance.

  • Uncover hidden patterns and insights from data through guided exploration infused with augmented intelligence and machine learning.

  • Collaborate and share across organizations of any size with interactive dashboards, story-telling, and pixel-perfect reporting.

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