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Watson Studio Desktop

Watson Studio Desktop Overview

IBM Watson Studio Desktop redefines the possibilities by bringing the power of the industry-leading IBM data science and AI tools to Windows and MacOS. It modernizes predictive analytics and machine learning processes to accelerate time to value.

· Empowers data scientists to work seamlessly anywhere with all their data on their desktop

· Provides powerful data science tools offline, including Projects, Data Refinery, SPSS Modeler, Text Analytics, SQL Pushback , and Visualization

· Enforces enterprise security and governance policies across all desktop environments

· Creates a unified user experience across desktop, cloud, and local Watson Studio environments

· Accelerates adoption and boost productivity with easy installation and automatic updates


IBM Watson Studio Desktop is ideal for clients who are taking their first steps to data science. It enables users to keep data on their desktop for data and modeling tasks without connectivity, then deploy those models when they get back online. Users can learn Watson Studio skills that extend across deployment environments.

IBM Watson Studio is Available in Three Deployments and with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

*Watson Studio Cloud – Train models on IBM public cloud

*Watson Studio Desktop- Visual drag and drop tools to make data preparation and modeling simple and quick

*Watson Studio Local- Train models behind your firewall or on an IBM private cloud. Also available to deploy on AWA and Azure

*Watson Studio premium add-on for IBM Cloud Pak for Data- Multicloud ready, cloud-native data and analytics platform featuring built in governance and a growing catalog of microservices.  Boost productivity and automation of the AI lifecycle with the Watson Studio platform as a premium add-on.

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