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Disaster Recovery + High Availability

Integrated disaster recovery system

A comprehensive solution that ensures business continuity.  An integrated IT disaster recovery system includes the IT equipment and infrastructure you’ll need to get your business back up and running again in the event of a disaster.

  • Express recovery connected servers and equipment you need to recover your critical business technologies.

  • Testing for accuracy performed by our technicians at initial set up of service and annually throughout the contract period.

  • 24/7 emergency number offering you peace of mind in the knowledge that when disaster strikes, we’re just a phone call away. Most importantly, we’ll work with you to begin the recovery process and see it through until your back on your feet again.

Automated offsite data storage

The replication process is automated and allows you to “set it and forget it.” What’s more, Automated Offsite Data Storage provides:

  • Automatic backups replicated to our secure data center.

  • Protection for your valuable data because it’s offsite at a secure location, ensuring you never lose the foundation of your business.

  • No more time, expense or risk associated with employees taking data home or paying a firm to physically take your data offsite. 

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A virtualized backup appliance (virtual tape library or VTL)

Placed onsite and ensures that your business is protected with:

  • Consolidated backups combined from all your various technology onto one single device, the VTL is compatible with virtually any platform, including  Linux, Windows, IBM i For Power Systems (including AS/400, iSeries, and System i), Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and many others.

  • Dramatically accelerated backups and restorations over tape backup systems.  (This will vary depending upon your system’s configuration.)

  • Significantly faster access to libraries and files with a disk-to-disk appliance that eliminates the standard tape drive process of fast forwarding or rewinding when trying to locate data. Plus, there’s no wait for a tape to be selected and loaded as with a physical tape library.

  • Fewer, or possibly even no tape cartridges needed at all with the added protection from a Virtual Tape Library, you can reduce the number of tapes used. If long term archival storage isn’t necessary, you can eliminate tapes altogether.

  • Ability to use your existing tape drive to accommodate archival storage needs by attaching to the VTL.

  • Minimized bandwidth requirements by utilizing deduplication during the nightly offsite replication process.

  • Simplified and easy to work with customer interface software for secure and effective management.

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