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VMware on Cloud

Move to Cloud with VMware on IBM Public Cloud

VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud

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IBM and VMware have partnered to extend VMware workloads from on-premises infrastructure environments to the IBM Cloud.  Configuration takes hours, not weeks, and customers can manage cloud workloads exactly as they do now.

  • IBM Cloud for VMware gives organizations improved productivity and efficiency, reduced IT overheads, and greater agility by offloading IT resources and management complexity to the cloud.

  • Helps accelerate hybrid cloud adoption by enabling easier, security-rich, near-seamless extension of existing workloads as they now are, from on-prem data centers to an IBM Cloud, built on powerful bare metal servers.


Unlike many competitors’ cloud offerings, IBM Cloud provides full access to the native VMware stack, allowing management in the same way as on-prem.   IBM can facilitate consistent management and governance of hybrid environments with a common networking and security model.

Core Platform Services:

  • VMware vCenter Server (vCS). Extremely flexible, automated offering where IBM Cloud infrastructure runs the VMware stack - ready to support all levels of production workloads.

  • VMware vSphere (vSS). Customizable virtualization service that combines VMware-compatible bare metal servers, hardware components and licenses to build your own IBM-hosted environment.

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