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Purpose-driven innovation in server, storage and networking platforms providing solutions for the future-defined data center

Lenovo For the Data Center Portfolio Guide


Fast performance for faster workload execution, faster decisions, more work running on less hardware, and potentially lower costs. Fast deployment, firmware updates, problem identification/resolution, and servicing with better tools, a unified design (on servers) and modular server designs.



Open designs that easily support both traditional and next gen transformational workloads. Rich ISV partnerships and platform designs that are unburdened by legacy investments and which power intelligent transformation. A full range of platforms and form factors that easily scale and adapt to new workloads.


Industry-leading reliability for higher uptime, simpler management, faster and easier servicing, lower operational costs and enhanced revenue.


Secure business processes, product design, and a secure E2E supply chain that build the strongest foundation of protection into the core of our infrastructure to prevent, detect, and defend against security issues.

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